Staff Page


Here are the people that keep you connected!

See Tony, See Tony on the phone!!
Yes, folks that is Tony doing what he does, taking an order or helping someone get online. This is the man behind the voice. The one that keeps us going. Keeps us motivated. You might see him online as Harbormaster. He controls it all from his small office on the second floor.

See Denise sitting at a computer,
Meet Denise, and her ever present coffee cup! She is the one that helps keep the mail moving and the websites working. Once in a while you might talk to her on the phone...but for the most part she is hiding in the background doing other things. If you like to chat you will find her logged on as Skkye.

This is David, you will talk to him on the phone frequently also, when he is not out directing music, singing or building or upgrading a system for someone, he is the system administrator.